Mum reveals new husband has BANNED her from telling her son about his dead father

By | 10/08/2018

AS a child, losing a parent can be a tough thing to wrap your head around… especially when you never even got the chance to meet them.

But one mum is struggling to educate her little boy about his late father out of fear of upsetting her new spouse.

 Sadly, the four-year-old boy's father died before he was born

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Sadly, the four-year-old boy’s father died before he was born

A close friend of the woman took to Mumsnet to share the heartbreaking dilemma, in which they claim the new husband “had his eye on her for years” before her husband died.

Explaining the details of the tragedy, the user described how her best friend died several years ago while his wife was pregnant with his son.

Since his death, the woman has remarried a man who has children from a previous relationship and gone on to have another child with him.

However now that the boy is old enough to start asking questions about his biological dad, her new husband is “unhappy” about her talking to her son about his father.

 The stepfather has also insisted that the boy call him 'Dad' to avoid 'confusion'

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The stepfather has also insisted that the boy call him ‘Dad’ to avoid ‘confusion’

In order to placate him, the mother has agreed to the ban on talking about her son’s father “with the best intentions.”

Meanwhile, the stepfather has also “insisted he be called ‘Dad'” to avoid family life getting “too confusing” for the other children.

Along with this, the frustrated friend also claims the stepfather has even stopped her son visiting people who knew her first husband in case they mention his dad.

Determined to make sure the boy knows about his real dad, the user then blasts the husband’s “pathetic ego-driven jealousy” and asks how best to intervene.

 Other users insisted the child has a right to know about his father

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Other users insisted the child has a right to know about his father

Unsurprisingly, the comments were full of criticism for the overbearing stepfather – with some even going as far as labelling his behaviour ‘child abuse’.

Commenting on the thread, a Mumsnet user said the mother “needs to look at this as abusive behaviour” which borders on “emotionally abusive to her son.”

Another concerned user added that “without question the child must be told about his real dad” and insisted that “her son needs to know his own history.”

Users also advised the poster to contact Women’s Aid to get advice on how to help her friend – and to let her know that she supports her “whatever she chooses to do”.

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