here’s where you can get it the cheapest

By | 10/08/2018

NOKIA’S 8110 4G became available to pre-order on August 9 ahead of its release on August 15.

And we’ve scoured the web to see where you can find the iconic handset the cheapest.

 Nokia's 8110 banana phone is making a return
Nokia’s 8110 banana phone is making a return

The 8110, dubbed the ‘banana phone’ because of its memorable shape, gained a cult status in the 90s/noughties when Keanu Reeves used one in the smash-hit film The Matrix.

And since then, nostalgic millenials have been pining for a reboot of the phone following Nokia’s successful re-release of the 3310 last year.

Nokia confirmed the new 4G 8110 was in the works back in February, but the Swedish phone manufacturer dragged its heels when it came down to fixing a date for the handset to go on sale.

But as of August 9 the 8110 went on pre-sale ahead of its general release on August 15.

 Upon its original release the 8110 was dubbed 'the banana phone' because... well, you know


Upon its original release the 8110 was dubbed ‘the banana phone’ because… well, you know
 The original 8110 was released back in 1996


The original 8110 was released back in 1996

The cheapest place we’ve seen to place a pre-order is at Carphone Warehouse which is offering the 8110 4G up for sale, SIM-free at £69.

The Nokia handset is also being sold on Ebay and Amazon at varying prices so you might be able to find yourself a bargain once it goes on sale.

And Nokia will likely add the 8110 to their online store from August 15 giving you another buying option.

For your money, you get a phone with 4GB of storage, up to 25 days of standby charge and 4G connectivity that allows you to use selected apps, including Whatsapp.

Nokia announce they are releasing FIVE new additions to their portfolio including the return of the ‘banana’ slider phone

You also get a 2MP camera that’s not going to blow your mind in terms of quality, but is a handy feature nonetheless.

At The Sun, we got our hands on the 8110 back in February when it was announced and found it to be a nifty gadget that would serve well as a back-up to your main phone.

You can read our full review here.